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Sunset West Volleyball Club

If you love volleyball, you've come to the right place!

Sunset West is a local, school-based volleyball club that operates out of the Millard Public Schools (primarily Millard South) that welcomes volleyball players of all skill levels and ages. The club is NOT restricted to just Millard students and ANYONE from ANY DISTRICT can play.

We specialize in the development of skills, instilling a love for the game, and giving all athletes the building blocks they need to have a successful volleyball career. We offer programs from individuals in Pre-K all the way through current seniors in high school. We play a LOCAL tournament schedule which allows us to focus on development without expecting family to have the burden of the high dollar investment that most clubs charge. If you want the best development for your aspiring volleyball player at the most family-friendly price, then we look forward to having you in our gym soon!!!

Contact Us Jaisa Poppleton

Phone: 402.690.1642 (please text)